Villages Golf Committee (VGC)

The Villages Golf Committee (VGC) is an advisory committee established by the Club Board of Directors. In that capacity, the VGC reviews the total golf program of The Villages and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors. CHARTER

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  • Vision Statement
    To advise the Club Board of Directors on all golfing matters, the VGC is dedicated to the maintenance, protection, growth and enhancement of both the golf course and the golf program; to provide the best experience for the Villages golfing community and to uphold the value and viability of this amenity as the core of the Villages lifestyle.
  • Committee Members
    The VGC is comprised of seven voting members, six of whom are chairs of Standing Committees and the VGC Chair, plus The Villages staff representatives.
    VGC ChairDick Fisher
    Golf Analysis ChairKen Peters
    Golf Course ChairRay Struck
    Golf Program ChairDave Needham
    Communication/Education ChairMary Chaboya
    Golf Club Co-ChairGary Chappell
    Golf Club Co-ChairBev Poellot
    Staff Representative (BrightView)Mike Scully
    Staff Representative Scott Hinrichs
    Staff Representative Scott Steele
    Staff Representative Mary Tatum
  • Meetings


    Meetings are held on the fourth Friday of the month at Foothill Center from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. All residents are welcome to attend.


  • Club Committees


    Golf Club Committee

    Provides an exclusive venue for representatives of all golfing clubs to exchange concerns and information with each other and with their respective golf organizations; to exchange information and communicate with other Standing Committees; promote inter-club activities and determine methods to generate more play by club members and to increase membership; etc.


    Golf Course Committee

    Assist the golf superintendent with the improvement and maintenance of both golf courses; develop and implement short and long-range plans; work with the golf superintendent regarding cart-related needs and policies, water conservation, course amenities, etc.


    Golf Program Committee

    Assist the head professional with improving course utilization by residents; evaluate and monitor the yearly golf calendar; assist with alterations to the Villages Golf Rules (1.14 pertaining to golf); maintain the local rules and VGC Guidelines for outside group and tournament play current; maintain on-going interaction with the Pro Shop and the head professional to help with methods to better provide services for all golfers; when needed, assist The Golf Club Committee and/or the golf clubs with issues concerning by-laws, rules of play, scheduling conflicts or any other concerns.


    Golf Analysis Committee

    Participate from the beginning in development of golfing fiscal year budget (i.e.: assessments, golf reserve fund, play data, golf fees, etc.) ; make recommendations regarding both the golf course and the golf program; maintain a current and complete database of Villages golf information available to all; provide assistance to and coordinate with other advisory committees and management staff regarding all golfing financial concerns; generate a monthly report for the golf course and the golf program, etc.

    Communication & Education

    Communications/Education Committee

    Conduct the annual VGC orientation session and an orientation for the Club Board of Directors; make use of all publicity media inside and outside the Villages; publish frequent articles in the Villager on ongoing matters; work with the website; provide educational opportunities about rules of golf, etiquette, events, pace of play or any subject area designated by the VGC; coordinate with the Marketing Advisory Committees as well as management staff.

  • Documents and Reports