The Villages Amateur Theatre – A World Class Community Theatre Group

Purpose of the Club:

The Villages Amateur Theatre was founded in 1974 and provides our community with a vast assortment of high quality, live theatrical performances throughout the year.

Audiences are entertained with 2 major performances per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Examples of these performances include: “Finian’s Rainbow”, “The Importance of Being Ernest”, “Music Man, Jr”, Brigadoon, “And Then There Were None”, “Because Their Hearts Were Pure”, and our most recent sell out “My Fair Lady”. These performances involve about 50 experienced community theatre actors and volunteers who invest over 1000 hours in each of these plays.

We also provide a wide variety of smaller performances in which the actors partially memorize their lines intentionally and read the rest from the script. Our experienced actors dress consistent with the play and add their emotions, passion and varied acting skills to bring the play to life. This helps the audience understand the story without the use of sets, costumes and movement across the stage The audiences use their imagination to visualize the characters, action and setting. The end result is a unique and entertaining experience for both actors and audience.

We also provide these smaller performances to a number of assisted living facilities in the area throughout the year.

At this stage in our lives, the Villages Amateur Theatre provides something for everyone who enjoys community theater whether you are on stage, back stage, or simply watching the stage. Join us and have some fun.

Regular Meeting Day/Time:

The Villages Amateur Theatre is a 501(C)3 business organization and has four Business/Social meetings annually. These meetings are usually held on a week night. After a short business meeting, members enjoy a potluck dinner. These dinners are a great opportunity to get to know each other and contribute suggestions and ideas. All interested Villagers are invited to these meetings.

Where and When:

Our meetings dates and times are published in The Villager well in advance and are conducted at the Foothill Center or Vineyard Center.

For an online calendar and more information about the VAT including photos from our recent musical, check out our website at

Contact: Tom Carson