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There are three California Corporations that are responsible for the management of The Villages.

The Villages Golf and Country Club manages Club operations. This includes maintaining streets as well as the Cribari, Montgomery, Vineyard and Foothill community centers, including equipment, furnishings, and adjoining swimming pools. The Club also maintains the Clubhouse and Pro Shop complex, the two golf courses, tennis courts, stables, recreational vehicle storage area, a corporation yard, a CATV system, Security Plaza office building, and 547 acres of recreational hill land. Additionally, the Club also maintains a fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment.

The Club is also responsible for all other recreational, social, and cultural events at The Villages and has been authorized by the following two corporations to act as their agent.

The Villages Association or Association is responsible for the management of the condominiums and related common areas, as well as the maintenance of the condominium common elements, such as exterior walls, roofs, and landscaping. The Association carries property damage and liability insurance for all buildings within the condominium area. Maintenance of and insurance for certain building components are the individual owner’s responsibility.

The Villages Homeowners Corporation or Homeowners is responsible for enforcing the CC&Rs in the single-family home projects. The Homeowners consists of 227 single-family homes located throughout The Villages. Seventy-five of these Homeowners units are collectively known as The Estates, and because they share some common property, have a different assessment basis than the other 152 single-family homes.