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  • General Manager of The Villages Golf & Country Club

    Come join the Country Club Community of choice for active seniors in Silicon Valley, California. The Villages Golf and Country Club, a community with a $30 million annual budget and more than 4,000 residents, is seeking a General Manager. Requires substantial relevant experience managing a community (either residential, resort or city). Duties include maintaining resident relationships, implementing policies; managing employees; maintaining compliance with local, state and federal regulations; oversight of budget preparation and administration; managing projects and contracts; and maintaining and enhancing relationships in the community and with local city/county government. Commensurate salary and benefit package.


    Job Information:

    The General Manager (GM) reports to the Villages Golf and Country Club (VGCC) Corporations Board of Directors through its President. The GM is responsible for carrying out the three corporations (VGCC, Association, and the Homeowners) policies, adhering to the protocols of the governance documents and modeling behaviors of the Club’s mission and values.


    Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Implement policies, rules and directives from the three Boards of Directors.
      Strong focus on service to our Villagers.
    • Manage VGCC employees.
    • Ensure that the three corporations maintain compliance with all existing local, state and federal regulations.
    • Coordinate the preparation of annual operating budgets and replacement reserve plans for all three corporations.
    • Administer the projected and approved operating budgets and provide monthly performance reports for each corporation.
    • Analyze financial reports, and provide advice to the Boards concerning major expenditures.
      Ensure proper employee development.
    • Facilitate meetings, make presentations, and be computer literate.
    • Manage facility projects/contracts for all three corporations, which involve bidding, negotiating, and implementation
    • Manage facility projects/contracts which involve bidding, negotiating, and implementation.
    • Assure that services required by the respective management agreements of the three Corporations are provided.
    • Maintain good working relationship with the community and city/county government agencies.
    • This job requires mobility


    Some thoughts on qualifications of potential candidates:

    The selected candidate will be either currently or recently employed as a senior operations leader in the country club, resort and/or hospitality industry, or large-scale community (such as city management), and have a well-developed skill set including strong inter-personal skills, and demonstrated professional track record.  Excellent mobility is required.

    Submit resumes no later than April 28, 2017 to:

    The Villages Golf and Country Club
    5000 Cribari Lane
    San Jose, CA 95135
    Attention: Ileana Matei, Human Resources

    Via email:

  • Public Safety Officer


    • Entry gate assist
    • Prompt emergency responses
    • Regular community patrols
    • Adhere to department practices and company policies
    • Deliver a high level of customer service


    • Excellent mobility, ability to lift a fallen person
    • Exceptional communication/customer service skills
    • Valid Guard Card
    • Clean DMV record
    • Passing drug test
    • Passing physical exam minimum 3 years of security experience

    To apply: send your resume and cover letter to